Straight forward DINING TABLE

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  • Tape measurer
  • Roundabout saw
  • Drill
  • Format Square
  • Pocket dance
  • Sander
  • 2 – 4X4 6 feet long slice to 4 28 ½ inches pieces for legs
  • 7 – 2×4 8 feet long slice to 2 – 30-inch pieces, 2 – 58-inch pieces, 3 – 34-inch pieces,
  • 2 – 65-inch pieces, 2 – 40 ½ inch pieces, 2 – 30 ¼ pieces, and 1 – 33 ½ piece for the covers, outline backing, and top casing.
  • 2 – 1X2 8 feet long and 1 at 6 feet long slice to 8 – 30 ½ pieces for the boards.
  • 4 1X3 8 feet long and 1 at 6 feet long slice to 12 – 15-inch pieces and 8 – 30 ½ inch pieces for the edge backing and board.
  • 2 1X4 8 feet long 1 at 6 feet long cut to8 – 30 ½ inch pieces for the board.
  • 1 1X4 6 feet long
  • 2 1/2 inch pocket gap screws
  • 2-inch pocket gap screws
  • ¼ inch pocket gap screws
  • ¼ inch screws
  • Wood fill
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stick


Take you four leg pieces (4 – 4X4 pieces), 2 2X4 pieces at 58 creeps for the long side of the edge and 2 at 30 crawls for the shorter side of the edge. Utilizing your pocket opening dance drill two gaps on each finish of each 2X4 piece into the legs. Utilizing wood stick and the 2 ½ inch pocket screws connect the legs.

Take the 3 2X4 pieces at 34 inches, these are for the help of the casing, space them so two are 14 crawls from the sides and one in the focuses around 14 ½ creeps from the other two pieces. Utilize your pocket opening drill to make gaps at each finish of each bit of wood. Secure the pieces by applying the wood paste and utilize the 2-inch screws to verify the help edge pieces within the casing.

You will presently need to make the top edge. Take the 2 2X4 pieces that are 65 inches and two that are 40 ½ inches these will be the outside top casing. Make two pocket gaps on each finish of the 65-inch pieces into the 40 ½ inch pieces, stick and secure with screws. At that point you will take the 1 33 ½ piece and focus it in the casing, it ought to be around 30 ¾ inch from either side. In these two new spaces, you will focus the 30 ¾ bits of wood. Utilize your pocket opening dance to penetrate two gaps on each side of the 30 ¾ bits of wood.


Take 12 bits of the 1X3 at 15 inches, you will put three in every square shape segment of the edge. In every square shape mastermind one bit of 1X3 flush against each side and one focused leaving a 12 ½ inch space between the outside edge support and a 10 ¾ inch space from within edge support. On each finish of each 1X3 piece drill two pocket gaps, use paste and screw to connect into spot. Presently you will build the boards utilizing the 30 ½ pieces from the 1X2, 1X3 and 1X4 pieces. You can orchestrate them any way you like as long as the subsequent pieces are 14 inches each. In the event that you are anticipating completed these boards do as such currently before connecting to the casing. You will make a countersunk opening on the underside of the casing support on the top casing and use paste and fastens to verify the board’s place. At last, you will connect the top casing to the legs and edge. The top will have a shade of about an inch right around. You will need to bore your pocket openings through the base help outline into the top help outline. Use a stick and the 2 ½ inch pocket screws to verify the pieces together. Completion or paint as you pick.

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