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  • 2 – wood pallets
  • 1 – 4X4
  • 4 – caster wheels, nuts, and bolts
  • 8 – small brackets with screw
  • 4 small wood screws
  • Stain or wood finish of your choose
  • Plan out the height that you would like the table to be and subtract the height of
  • the caster wheels and height of the pallets. This will give you the measurement for
  • the legs. Cut the 4X4 to the leg measurements you have come up with.
  • Stain or paint all your pieces of wood.
  • Once dried attach the legs to the first pallet. For the top pallet, you will secure the legs using the brackets connect one to each side of the legs.
  • Screw the legs to the bottom pallet piece using the small wood screws.
  • Finish by screwing the wheels and casters to the bottom of the table.


  • One door (can be new or bought used)
  • Polyurethane or wood finish
  • Wood screws size- ½ inch and 1 ¼ inch
  • Pocket joint screws
  • Support brackets
  • Straight Edge clamp tool
  • Pocket Hole jig
  • Sawhorse
  • Circular saw
  • Drill


Begin by cutting the door into sections. First, cut the door in half, one half will be left to size, as the top of the table the other half will be evenly cut for the sides of the table. Use a circular saw to make the cuts and a straight edge clamp to ensure you make straight cuts.

Then using a pocket hole jig, make three holes on the inside of the sidepieces. Use wood glue on the joining pieces and apply the tabletop and side ‘legs’ with the pocket joint screws. Let the glue dry but be sure to wipe any that seep out onto the visible surface of the table. If you are planning on painting or finishing your table the glue will keep the color from sticking so be sure to wipe it up before it dries. Once the glue is dry, after about an hour, you can drill on the additional support brackets. There will be two on each side of the underneath of the table. Once it is all assembled you can sand and prime or paint it to your taste.

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